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About Us

Our mission is centered around a simple notion: cats are family! Whether your cat is indoor or indoor/outdoor, it’s our job as cat parents to understand that accidents happen. Even if the chances of your cat escaping are slim, there’s still a risk. 

Indoor cats can dart out of the door when you least expect it or be accidentally let outside by unknowing visitors. Unidentifiable cats are seen as strays, meaning they’re far more likely to be stolen or taken to pounds and shelters.

You can’t rely on a microchip alone; there’s no guarantee that the individual or animal control facility will bother scanning your cat for a chip. In fact, people aren’t even aware that their microchip isn’t registered or updated with the right contact information. Research shows that a collar and ID tag offer the best chances of being reunited with your cat.  

You want to ensure that your cat’s collar is comfortable and safe to wear. The problem is that most cat collars with all the safety features are kind of…ugly. That’s where the SafetyCat collar comes in. It’s functional and practical with the added bonus of being cute!

The SafetyCat collar comes fully equipped with a breakaway clasp, removable bell, and sleek reflective design. It’s veterinarian approved and designed by rescuers with your cat’s comfort and safety in mind. 

The breakaway clasp prevents choking hazards by coming apart when met with tension in opposite directions. The bell helps you identify whether your cat is nearby with a familiar jingle; it can also be removed for those who prefer something more quiet. The reflective design allows cars driving at night to see the cat from a distance, therefore preventing collision. 

The SafetyCat collar was created after running a rescue cat advocacy publication called National Kitty for several years. Writing about inspiring rescue stories led us to become intimately familiar with what’s needed to keep our kitties safe and sound. We created the SafetyCat collar to give cat parents some peace of mind. Our feline family certainly enjoys it, and we hope yours will too!